Every time we visit Windermere Jetty, there’s something new to love. Lakeland Arts are a cultural partner for Great Place Lakes and Dales (GPLD). I first visited just after the museum opened and asked Ian Read, Head of Engagement and Content, if he would be part of our online careers resource for young creatives, Create Your Future and he agreed. So we had a glorious morning of filming, learning about Ian’s career, his role at Lakeland Arts and ambitions to work with creatives.

This time, the highlight of our visit was the new family trail, Wrecked. The staff encouraged us, two adults, to take part. I was secretly delighted; I knew it had been created by The Knotted Project, another GPLD partner.

The trail is beautifully and simply done. Families are welcomed by a short video clip which sets the challenge for children. The video is led by actors but features staff who children will see around the site. The trail then cleverly links objects in the collection from ferries, to paintings, to the new shoreline play areas and back to the Jetty.

We managed to most of the clues, and a young boy helped us with the final one. He had solved the riddle and wanted to share his expertise.

If you are visiting with children, this is a great way to look at the museum, if you are visiting without, it’s fun with a strong environmental message.

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