Introducing the artery.

The artery is our passion project. It stems from our experience working with the creative, cultural and business sectors. It is a simple idea, supporting the three sectors to add a little more business, creativity or culture to improve their practice and contribute to the communities in which they operate.

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Photographs reproduced by kind permission of Great Place Lakes and Dales. 

What is the artery?

The artery supports the three sectors to think differently, work to their strengths, share, collaborate and form strong partnerships, as equals. Each sector contributes to and benefits from the others. The artery benefits local communities by supporting a creative, circular economy.

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The artery stems from our research showing:

  • Businesses feel limited by their lack of creativity. They only ask the creative sector for services already on their radar (e.g. graphic design, film, IT, music). Businesses are much more open to working creatively and exploring the scope of what creative and cultural organisations can offer.
  • Businesses want to connect with the creative and cultural sector but often don’t know how to.
  • Cultural organisations rely on visitors and funding for income. They often see businesses as sponsors not partners or audiences. Cultural organisations use business models all the time but perhaps doesn’t recognise them as such. A change here will contribute to more reliable income streams and benefit the local community.
  • Creatives can support both cultural organisations and businesses to engage with markets/audiences more imaginatively. With tailored business support they can provide training on specific creative skills (storytelling, photography for social media, film making, cultural business models for problem solving or comms, or arts interventions for health and wellbeing).

And to complete the circle, creatives often start out with a creative business without any formal training in the appropriate business skills. By taking the best from business and cultural management models, creatives will be equipped to run sustainable businesses.

We are currently working on ‘proof of concept’ projects. We are delighted to have received funding from both York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub and Culture and Wellbeing York.