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Stories of Change

The Artery is our passion project, developing from an idea to a reality. We are offering:

  • Peer2Peer support networks
  • Training to early career professionals 
  • Creating business models for cultural organisations.

The Peer2Peer support network is creating a community built on trust, support and ambition for business growth. We invite groups to bring an object to the first and last sessions. The aim is to help them to talk about their creative businesses. Here is the first of many beautiful Stories of Change that illustrate the ethos of The Artery.

Film maker

Object 1 First session of The Artery Peer2Peer Support Network 


My object is a camera. It is a family camera that my dad had, a Minolta from the 80s. My parents really documented my whole childhood with it.

When I came home from uni, I unboxed this camera and I thought ‘What’s this’. It was all shiny and new and vintage and dad said go play with it, put a roll of film in it and see what happens…

This camera is really limited to what you can do. it’s point and shoot. It was about the framing, not the technical aspect of being a photographer. So the most important aspect was what I was capturing, not how I was capturing it. 

I was taking photographs of all my friends, my family, Christmases and getting pictures back. It was whole new way of capturing pictures and storytelling.

Then I was asked to do a fashion job and I bought the camera with me. There were only about five 35mm photos and we all loved them. So, then I started working on film only. And it was a very human, archival, nostalgic type of storytelling. The nub and the gist of it is, that this is how I approach documentary and how I approach taking images. It’s all very personal and I guess very intimate. You are not there taking a digital image. You can’t see what it is and you are just trusting the interaction with the person. Listening to them telling their story. 

Object 2 Final session 

Light meter

My object is a light meter. The first object I brought [to the group] was the camera but I feel the light meter is more important. Before I take a photograph, I’m essentially taking stock of the light, and the person, and the situation. I feel largely what I’ve done since joining this group is checking the light and having a safe space to listen to others, to resonate and to explore all these problem-solving questions and answers. 

Although we all do different things there’s so much similarity in running your own businesses. It is an incredibly exciting, terrifying adventure. At the beginning I was wondering what am I really going to achieve in this time? But it’s amazing. Even when you feel things are really quite dark, there is light. I feel there’s been progress and a lot of action progress.

Here’s Juliet’s story Link –

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