The Artery SIGN Scarborough

Sign up for our new programme to help young freelancers kickstart their career in the screen industries.

29th, 30th October and 12th November
(Scarborough venue to be confirmed)


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Photographs reproduced by kind permission of Great Place Lakes and Dales.

What is it?

With funding from Screen Industries Growth Network, The Artery is delighted to offer a programme for young people starting out on their freelance creative careers in the Screen Industries. We are offering a three-day programme supported by three hour-long mentoring sessions to help you create a business/creative practice that works to your strengths.

The programme in Scarborough will be hosted at The Joseph Rowntree Theatre’s Boden Room on 29th, 30th October and 12th November 2022. It focuses on careers around telling stories on screen, either journalism or drama. It looks at the vision you have for your business, the business skills you need and the business stories you want to tell. The programme is based on a Story of Change Model and uses Action Learning so you are in control of the changes you make. We bring in industry professionals to support and facilitate.

people in discussion

Who’s involved?

Karen Merrifield set up The Artery to support young creatives to understand ‘business’ in a way that works for them. Karen has a long history in the cultural and heritage sector. She also holds an MBA and an MA in Education by Research but values reative and cultural business and project management models.

Leo Devine is the former head of BBC South West and he transformed regional news gathering across the BBC, taking it from an organisation driven by the technology to communicate to an organisation driven by local stories.

Who’s it for?

The Programme is for young people starting out in the screen industries interested in a freelance or creative career. Participants are usually aged 18 – 35, but there is some flexibility here.

The workshop is free. This is a funded programme so although free to participants there are costs involved. We ask that anyone who signs up commits to attending fully.

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