Invitation to join The Artery peer support network

York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub is providing the funding for an online peer support network with a difference. The Artery Peer Support Network brings together the best from the creative business and cultural sectors so your business, organisation or practice can thrive.

York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub

Invitation to join The Artery peer support network

We are grateful to York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub for funding the very first The Artery Peer Support Programme. We are delighted with the feedback.

Participants welcomed the opportunity to work on rather than in their businesses, and to be part of a strong, supportive creative network.

The programme saw real improvements in skills and confidence with many business owners now having plans in place for innovation, ambitious, achievable growth.

If you would like to register your interest in future programmes, please follow the link below.

York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub

The Artery Peer Support programme consists of:

  • Six peer support workshops offering 18 hours of support and challenge
  • Three hours of one-to-one coaching sessions with mentors
  • Joining kit with information around how to join, what to expect, how to prepare
  • Toolkit covering key learning from each session and a resource bank providing additional expertise and support.

If you would like to take part, please complete the expression of interest.

Please be assured that any data collected will only be used for this programme and will not be shared with third parties, other than York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub. Their privacy policy can be accessed here.

Who’s involved?

The peer support network is facilitated by Karen Merrifield and Leo Devine.

Karen has worked in the business, creative and cultural sectors. She sees the strengths of all three, particularly the cross over and the gaps where those working in the different sectors can inform and support each other.  Karen’s freelance practice focuses on learning, she works with heritage venues and visitor attractions on strategic change through to individual learning programmes. Story telling is at the heart of Karen’s work. She is particularly attracted to stories that make a difference; stories of change.

Leo Devine transformed the BBC’s silo-based newsgathering and planning operation into a multi-skilled and multi-media way of working. Leo is based in Cornwall but digital engagement means he is able to join offer his expertise and support around communication and organisational development. Leo enjoys working with undergraduates through to multi-national businesses. His focus is improving communication and management skills. Leo has just provided a programme of support to young journalists, covering the G7 in Cornwall alongside international media outlets.