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The Artery Stories of Change Juliet’s story

Stories of Change The Artery is our passion project, developing from an idea to a reality. We are offering: The Peer2Peer support network is creating a community built on trust, support and ambition for business growth. We invite groups to bring an object to the first and last sessions. The aim is to help them


What’s stopping young people from pursuing careers in the screen industries?

The British Film Institute’s report on employment opportunities in the Screen Industries, ‘What’s stopping young people from pursuing careers in the screen industries?’ makes for interesting reading. Released in December 2021, it documents the growth of the UK Screen Industries (Film, TV, VFX, Animation & Gaming). It shows thriving, in-demand sectors with large numbers of


Stories of change

The Peer2Peer support network is creating a community built on trust, support and ambition for business growth. Here are three stories that illustrate its impact.



York City Council is supporting local businesses in an inspired way. Businesses can apply for a voucher to use with other local businesses. So we are using it to help get the word out about our latest innovation, The Artery.


Peer support programme reinvigorates creative businesses in Craven

In October 2021, the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub funded Innovate Educate Ltd (IELTD) to launch and run its first ‘The Artery Peer Support Programme’. Having identified a gap in the support landscape, the scheme specifically focused on a network of creatives and micro businesses working in and around the Craven District. “We had


The power of artists and businesses working together

I was lucky to go Brooksbank School in Elland, a West Yorkshire town now described as an area of multiple deprivation. Happily, growing up there, my friends and I were unaware of this. We lived in a strong community with our extended families. And at school, we had some great teachers, the wonderful Tim Enright,

Women in discussion

Get involved with the Artery

The Artery is an idea that’s been growing for some time at Innovate Educate.  It is a simple idea, supporting the creative, business and cultural sectors to increase their skills; learning from each other and with each other, as equals. The Artery supports: Businesses to embed creativity as a business discipline and connect with the creative



Every time we visit Windermere Jetty, there’s something new to love. Lakeland Arts are a cultural partner for Great Place Lakes and Dales (GPLD). I first visited just after the museum opened and asked Ian Read, Head of Engagement and Content, if he would be part of our online careers resource for young creatives, Create

Young boy interviewed about history

The power of a little ‘thank you’

At the end of the summer term, I received an email. The email was a ‘thank you’, addressed to all the organisations that had helped to enhance the curriculum for pupils at Asquith and Berry Hill Primary Schools in Nottinghamshire. It was a lovely email to receive: ‘We wanted to try to let you know how much