Learning from young creatives

We are grateful to Screen Industries Growth Network funding which allowed us to offer The Artery Peer Support Programme to work with young creatives who often get overlooked. This may be because they are living and working in rural areas, or they may be first in their family to go on to higher education.

We offered two programmes, both built on a Story of Change model but with Action Learning embedded. We used creative techniques to develop business skills, animation and AR, and screen story telling.

What we learned…

How to communicate with the target audience

We had conversations with all participants prior to the programme starting to ask how we could support their learning. We ensured the approach was flexible and group-led.

The two cohorts were small, but this was an advantage, it meant we could create a safe and supportive learning environment that then led into supportive networks.

Marketing and how to reach our intended audience 

We reached out to a lot of creative organisations but realised quickly that word of mouth was the most effective route in reaching young people who may want to take part. We put a lot of effort into raising awareness of the programmes through social media.

As soon as a young people completed the expression of interest we arranged a Zoom meeting and kept in contact prior to the programme starting. We also asked those who had signed up to spread the word.

We asked about strengths, challenges and what young people bring to the group. It meant we could identify training needs and tailor content. But it also ensured that those who signed up were willing to support others.

Feedback from participants helped us to hone the programme. The main outcomes were around building confidence, a clear business focus and a supportive network.

  • Helped me to work out my business brand.
  • It has definitely made me more confident in my abilities and has helped me with my planning and organisational skills.
  • Will approach my work strategically not just run into it blind.
  • I got good industry and creative advice.
  • It helped me get focused.
  • It was nice to network with other media creatives who were either starting out or already established.

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