York City Council is supporting local businesses in an inspired way. Businesses can apply for a voucher to use with other local businesses. So we are using it to help get the word out about our latest innovation, The Artery. The Artery is supports Creative Businesses to be more confident with business skills, businesses to be more creative and cultural organisations to recognise their business skills to be more resilient.

The scheme has allowed us to access expert support from Esme Mai, a brilliant photographer, to get shots of our team and our work. Rebecca Mason is helping us with The Social Media. Innovate Educate Ltd works to support learning in quite large organisations so we tend to share their stories rather than our own.

Innovate Educate Ltd is a micro business and we have a great network of freelancers who help us, so we had a team shoot. The shoot was excellent. It felt like Esme was part of the team. But it was more than just a photoshoot. it was a chance to catch up, talk about upcoming projects get and to smile.

And York City Council’s enlightened scheme means that Esme now knows four small businesses in the city who will use her services again and we’ve all recommended her other businesses.

We’re now considering building a photoshoot into our peer support network workshops for The Artery. It’s fun, creative, supports businesses and provides an opportunity to collaborate. Thank you York City Council!

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The Artery is an idea that’s been growing for some time at Innovate Educate.  It is a simple idea, supporting the creative, business and cultural sectors to increase their skills; learning from each other and with each other, as equals. The Artery supports: Businesses to embed creativity as a business discipline and connect with the creative