Essential ingredients for a ‘must have’ visit.

Museums, galleries and heritage venues hold the stories, treasures, objects and records for a community. They are unique resources for schools, colleges and young people to use creatively. Working with young people, we have created some tips for those wishing to engage young people with their collections.

Three young children laughing

Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Great Place Lakes and Dales.

Young people want to:

  • Be inspired by their visit, they want to learn about objects, artwork first hand
  • Work with experts
  • Produce a creative response to the collections, exhibitions and archives
  • Share skills to stimulate a community project back to school
  • Share their best work with friends, family and the community.

Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Buxton Museum and Art gallery.

Two young children exploring a light sculpture
boy on scooter with parents holding larger than life puppets

Photographs reproduced by kind permission of Great Place Lakes and Dales.

The essential ingredients for a ‘must have’ visit are:

  • Wow! The Wow! is achieved through immersive, hands-on, interactive, must do experiences
  • Expert. Young people have the opportunity to work alongside industry experts on live projects where possible
  • For everyone. All sessions must be accessible, inclusive, empathic
  • Unique. The learning offer cannot be delivered in school
  • Legacy. Young people can create a lasting legacy from the session in their community.

The guiding principles are to:

  • Broaden horizons
  • Build a sense of identity
  • Develop skills
  • Provide opportunities to display, exhibit, curate and perform.

To make a difference, we seek out:

  • The great stories from your collection and help young people to explore the hidden stories
  • Innovative learning models
  • New (but only appropriate) technology
  • Input from industry experts and great facilitators.