The Artery case study – Ruth Garrett, Kittiwake Productions

I can’t quite remember how I came across The Artery. I think I was searching for support in the local area and saw the sessions running in Craven in Jan 2023. Having the zoom session with Karen was really helpful before joining in with any events and made me very confident in the Artery and how valuable it could be to me. It seemed like a great way to meet fellow creatives in my area and get help in establishing my business. It being free was a big draw.

The sessions gave me a structured place to think about how to build my brand and outlined the steps to take. It made me less overwhelmed and unsure. It was amazing meeting new people and the sessions curated a warm, respectful and fun atmosphere.

As a result I have a clear understanding of myself and my art and how to transfer that onto my brand. I feel confident in how to approach projects and not limiting myself. My new mantra is “I will allow myself to stumble without letting myself fall”

I have a new logo and a clear understanding of what direction I want to go in. Meeting people in the same boat as me and helping them was very rewarding and vice versa.

An unintended outcome was that…

I rekindled my love of stop motion animation. The sessions made me realise that I don’t have to confine myself to a box and can create in different and imaginative ways under the banner of my core principles and goals. My photoshop skills have developed.

Anything exciting on the horizon?

I have a couple of projects that I’m excited about. One is a film about a local bird habitat that is under threat called “Helgi and the Puddle”. The second is a project I’m working on with a local charity to help link young campaigners interested in environmental issues in national parks to established organisations.

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