Unleash your creativity.

Innovate Educate Ltd supports businesses, heritage and cultural organisations to engage audiences creatively.

The Artery supports the business, creative and cultural sectors to think differently. It supports them to work to their strengths, share, collaborate and trade with each other as equals.

The Artery 

  • Positions creativity as a business discipline
  • Provides bespoke business support relevant to, and in the language of, creative businesses, particularly young creatives
  • Opens up new audiences, markets and engagement models across the three sectors to support local communities.

From the blog.

Young creatives participating in an Artery session

We’ve got some really exciting news…

We are thrilled that Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, sees the potential in The Artery that we see. We have been successful in our application for Innovate UK Creative Catalyst funding. This support will allow us to develop the next phase of The Artery, creating a sustainable community-focused business. The Artery is a simple

Karen Merrifield talking at the SIGN conference

The Future is Northern, but can it be rural too?

We were delighted to be invited to present at the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) conference, the Future is Northern on 22nd March 2023. The conference explored the concept of The Future being Northern, but we wanted to make sure that the voices of young creatives from rural backgrounds were included in the debate too.


Insight and practical advice for those working in heritage or engagement.

The essential ingredients

Working with young people, we have created some tips for those wishing to engage young people with their collections.

Guidance for session leaders

Rather than providing a set of do’s and don’ts, this toolkit starts with young people’s advice for learning teams and session leaders.